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This is the Madness Archive.

A collection of every animation from the Madness community since it's inception. All painstakingly remastered to a 4k video file, for future preservation of an almost 20 year history. Our goal is to build a reliable, free to use, ad free service to watch your most favorite animations.

In 2014, The founder of the Archive "Sean", had an interest in building a new Madness themed website following the downfall of MC.net and MC.com. The project had to be put on hold for a few years, due to technical errors and internal issues with the development team.

On January 2018, the project was brought back to life with a new team. With the help of BizWuzzZuzz, they managed to archive a large proportion of the current video library. And mid 2018. Sean brought Aolko onboard to be the head System Administrator.

Thanks to the Madness Archive we are able to restore previously deleted movies from Newgrounds.com as well as deliver a luxury viewing experience, and have control over our own fandom.

This website would not have been possible without the work of all artists featured, as well as the community who helped it to be where it is today.

Thank you. - The Madness Archive Team


Life at its core is similar to a gambling game. There are times when you have to risk it all to win and times where you have to simply walk away. Never go all in on false friends and promises and avoid folding your morals or values. Know when to quit and when to hold your cards to your chest. Most important do not betray the trust of fellow players especially those closest to you. The true mark of character is being there when no one else is.